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With over ten years experience in Mail Management services, Avon is today, one of the most preferred service providers for many leading MNC banks. With a highly efficient and motivated techno-savvy team, we arrive at the quickest and most effective solutions for our clients, by blending mail operations with technology advancements.

We manage printing, dispatching & tracking of

  • Customer Communications
  • Banking Statements, Credit Card Statements and Advices
  • Welcome Packs: Security products (Credit / Debit Cards, Banking, Loans)
  • Insurance Communication

Key Business Benefits

  • Simplified financial operations with end-to-end operational support, streamlined processes and user friendly approach with customized applications
  • Faster TATs, accelerated processing and clearing cycles
  • Quicker credits and a more efficient means of check clearance, leading to a reduction in the potential for fraud
  • Quality-driven services that lead to better customer service, adherence to critical SLAs, and enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Scalability across a range of services
  • Perceptive via customer reporting mechanisms and effective dashboard views
  • High level of data security, assured data integrity (with conversion to electronic encryption format), with expert in-house IT support
  • Quality output with a high level of accuracy and a wide choice of image formats
  • Effective preservation, quick retrieval and access, easy storage, and effortless duplication of data