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Information Technology

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In today’s business environment, uptime of technology infrastructure is paramount importance. At Avon, we know that managing and maintaining desktops, routers, network infrastructure, servers and other IT devices is most critical for uninterrupted and continous operations. Any organization today, cannot have risk of system failures, which impacts business continuity.

Avon offers a reasonable uptime and a 24X7 support. Our proactive approach reduces help-desk calls by identifying problems before they arise. A combination of qualified engineers along with the best managing tools, will proffer regular preventive health checks to forestall minor issues from turning into major ones.

Avon analyzes the way network and systems run, and allocates appropriate expertise to manage it through single point contact. Remote monitoring and routine preventive maintenance are central to our approach. We also resolve system performance issues on a real-time basis.

Services Offered

  • Remote maintenance; support & management
  • Server sizing
  • Capacity planning
  • Technology assistance
  • Virtualization implementation
  • Migrating from Windows to Linux / Open Source Systems & vice versa
  • Licensing support and consultation


Our network consultants will ensure that, objectives are achieved with additional benefits, namely:

  • Better Return on Investment: expert advice on optimal design ensures faster deployments to enable quicker returns on investments.
  • Increased utilization of available resources: network resources will be used & managed optimally.
  • Reduce cost of ownership: minimize investments & total maintenance costs.
  • Speed up the ‘go-to-market’ time: bypassing learning curves & managing network, thereby ensuring speedy entry into market space.
  • Edge over competition: offers greatly reduced network costs & increased operational excellence, in competitive comparison.
  • High level of network security: reduction of operational risks by network security experts who establish & maintain a secure network to diminish risk of data theft and leaks.
  • Delighted clients: maintain & surpass service level agreements with clients, and improve quality of service with a well-configured & hassle free network.
  • Reduced running costs: Elimination of regular maintenance costs and in-house expertise on multiple protocols and devices, by means of a highly available & hassle free network design.
  • Smooth operating environment: network team will be provided with an operations handbook with complete documentation to ensure a smooth operating environment.