Network Architecture Design

Avon has about a decade’s experience in providing core network design and implementation assistance to organizations that are building new networks or redesigning existing ones. Our professional services consultants have a commendable experience in working with large scale network demands, including high level security & availability with no single point of failure design. We work directly with the organization’s management, technology, information security and operations staffs to understand network objectives. This in-the-floor approach prepares us to understand the organization’s network needs effectively and enables us to introduce the latest technology solutions that are suitable for network environment.

Our services encompass identification of network characteristics, its size, efficiency & physical presence, in order to understand the existing configurations of the network components, and to observe gaps, threats and vulnerabilities. We apply all important elements of network design including switching, routing, access control, performance, reliability, information security, data flow and design to establish an optimized network that is highly reliable.

Our network consultancy services are focused directly on impacting the bottom line and enabling transition to the next phase of borderless network evolution, by:

  • Incorporating an efficient IT strategy into technology solutions
  • Rolling out comprehensive security architecture
  • Designing and maintaining a highly available and efficient IT architecture
  • Venturing beyond IPv4 address limitations while retaining existing IT infrastructure investments.
  • Optimizing IT infrastructure to aid easy scaling in future.