Our Services

Payment/Expense/Discrepant Check Processing

Avon provides thorough process support and backing for various business needs. We also have a formidable reputation for financial systems. Our domain specialists operate via hub-and-spoke connectivity model, which offers a wide range of services that enhances operational and organizational efficiency.

We combine state-of-the-art technology along with the technical expertise of our team of professionals, to offer an entire gamut of scanning & digitization and other value-added services like:

  • Check clearing process (MICR): Our check clearing services include outward, inward and return check clearing; sorting, technical scrutiny, data-entry, presentment, and returns management
  • Discrepant Check process (DCP / image-based): Includes outward & outward returns, inward & inward returns; and all other aspects of check discrepant and realization
  • PDC management: Includes data capture of PDCs for clearing, check retrieval, reconciliation and validation of details, batching of checks by location/presentation center and more such.