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Print & Mail Management

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Every organization requires an effective infrastructure to perform critical day-to-day tasks of communicating to its clients and stake holders, regarding quality printing, mailing and tracking in a cost effective way. Avon provides you with the infrastructure and control to remotely print and track your mails using our infrastructure in a budget that will suit you best.

Very often you may witness your printing & mailing requirements doubling and quadrupling quickly due to certain statutory and regulatory obligations or business needs. Avon offers superior quality in printing & mailing services, and other related requirements in the most cost effective way.

Avon offers customized solutions to clients, enabling them to print Unique Mailers, Bank Statements, Credit Card Statements, Mutual Fund Statements, Telephone Bills, Forms, Newsletters, Business Reply Cards, etc. Currently, we provide Variable Data Printing services to some of India’s top banks, financial institutions and telecom companies.

Proxy Printing Services

Geography is not considered a barrier for high costs any more. Our proxy printing services enable you to utilize our security printing & mailing infrastructure to mail various correspondences (in a cost effective way) to your end customers.

Avon can deliver any correspondence (inclusive of printing, mailing and tracking) to your clients at competitive rates. From our facility in India, we can reach almost anywhere, across the globe.

Diaster Recovery Service

In case you are restricted to have an in-house print facility due to regulatory / statutory requirements, Avon provides an option of functioning as an offshore Disaster Recovery Site. This will enable you to continue your business even during disaster.

We also provide need based Disaster Recovery services.


Remote locations often fall between the cracks of traditional end point security products and their vulnerabilities. Yet the customer-facing aspect of an operation’s access to critical data, (if not properly secured) will lead to catastrophic damages. Avon regards data security threats very critically and engages various layers of security for protection of confidential and proprietary information of its clients.

Our security infrastructure includes:

  • Complete virtualization using Pano Zero Clients: Physical endpoints with absolutely no storage and processing to ensure zero data leaks from the client system.
  • SSL/TLS: Encryption-secure device communication through https://
  • Firewall: providing ability to configure policies and firewall templates designed to protect operations against threats and limit access where needed.
  • IDS/IPS: Intrusion detection and prevention system ensures maximum achievable security for data from online and other vulnerabilities.
  • Unified Threat Management System: Including gateway firewall, deep packet inspection, IDS, IPS and Host firewall.

Mailing Infrastructure


  • Process all your mails in one system
  • Automated stuffing of 16,000 pieces per hour
  • Mail Run Data File (MRDF): a functionality which tracks the status of each consignment


  • Automated stuffing of 15,000 envelopes per hour


  • Automated stuffing of 8,000 mail pieces per hour
  • Rapid recovery with built-in diagnostics
  • Quality mail delivery through scalable integrity and file based processing


  • Pitney Bowes; ILC, 16 million pieces per month

Printing Infrastructure


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  • Production printing and finishing at 288 impressions per minute
  • Finishing: binder, booklet maker, cutter, finisher, hole puncher, stacker, tape binder


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  • Productivity to handle large job volumes & prints 180 impressions per minute
  • Single-pass print technology
  • Supports a broader range of applications
  • Market-proven FreeFlow™ Print Server


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  • Replaces offset printing
  • Streamlines document assembly
  • On-demand printing at 180 pages per minute
  • Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR)

RICOH IBM 4100 (2 numbers)

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  • Exceptional performance, quality and reliability
  • Consolidating older, more expensive, personal & departmental printer workloads on the Infoprint 4100.
  • Point-of-need printing, peak workload printing for reduced TAT
  • Modular paper-handling capabilities
  • Prints at 720 impressions per minute