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Software Development

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For over a decade, Avon Global Solutions Private Limited has provided software development services across various verticals and technological domains. Our deep expertise is supported by a growing pool of talented IT professionals, along with the use of modern development methodologies, best practices and latest in technologies. It’s these factors which have helped us add ‘extra-value’ to our clients and their business.

Development of a new application requires deep understanding of the client’s business needs and general proficiency in all the technologies planned for implementation of the project. Avon has the necessary skills to guide you end-to-end, right from the initial requirement specification, creation of the entire technical document & process setup, to development, testing, deployment and support. We, at Avon, have the necessary knowledge and the right people to cover every stage of the project, advise on an optimal development strategy, and minimize the time and effort put into the launch of the solution.


Avon reinforces the qualifications of its technical specialists through partnership with industry leaders in order to have privileged access to technical documentation and educational resources.

Avon places a special focus on preserving a wide technical skillset, while retaining an exceptional level of technical expertise, which enables the company to fulfill its Mission.

.NET Technology Services

  • Rapid Application Development using .NET technologies and Visual Studio Team System
  • Cloud based application development services
  • Design of secure software infrastructure for .NET web applications
  • Development of rich user experience web applications (Web 2.0 and Silverlight)
  • Integration of applications via web services, SOA and Windows Communication Foundation
  • Upgrading applications to a newer .NET platform.
  • Porting of VB and Java applications/code using semi-automatic conversion tools for static parts

Open Source Technology Services

  • Development of distributed cross-platform multi-tiered enterprise applications
  • Legacy migration / re-engineering of applications to Java / PHP platform
  • Integration of applications, using open standards - SOAP, REST, Json, XML-RPC, ebXML, etc
  • Development of GUI desktop and web applications using Java/PHP and open-source frameworks
  • Developing applications for mobile and other hand-held devicest
  • Cloud based application development services

Our team’s expertise lays in the following software lifecycle processes:

  • Waterfall Model
  • V-Model
  • Spiral Model
  • Agile: XP, SCRUM