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As part of an end-to-end digital production cycle, automation will ensure more simplified procedures.

Minimizing human input ensures that errors due to manual activities are eliminated, resources can be put to more dynamic tasks and the system functions periodically with no break. Though it’s a new emergence for us, we have capitalized on every opportunity to induce automation in our processes. This has led to a variety of advantages like higher production rates, increased productivity, efficient material management, better product output quality, shorter hours for labour and more so. Automations have helped us lower or production costs and in turn provide competitive pricing to our clients. It has helped us increase our productivity due to the organized and automated approach towards jobs which help resources manage time and schedules effectively. An improved productive environment has helped us achieve fastest turn-around-time.

Production & Finishing

When an end customer receives a communication, it must be nothing less than perfect. Our series of high-performance mail production and finishing machines offer highest productivity and easy flexibility. It also helps us operate in an integrous and systematic manner which helps us honor our commitment of delivery time. We have a combination of automatic folding and inserting machines which work in unison to handle unique and custom process.

File Moving Services

When clients push data into their or our Secure File Transfer Portals, an automated service encrypts the data and moved it into our production infrastructure. The automation here helps us reduce redundancy in manual movement of the files and in encryption so that through the entire life cycle of the process there is no availability of raw data for anyone’s consumption. This helps us achieve reasonable security standards in securing our customer’s data and ensuring its appropriate movement.

File Delete Services

Every data file has a predefined time (period) beyond which it will not be available in our production servers. An automatic service will purge data files automatically on the completion of the said time. This could be set to standard dates in a month (28th of every month) or by duration of total number of hours (78 Hours).

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