Our Infrastructure

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Our infrastructure consists of some of the finest printing and automation machinery available in the market today.

Our campus, location and security measures not only ensure the continuity of your process, they also make sure your data and inventory are safe and secure with us. We provide you with the infrastructure which offers you control of quality printing and mailing automations. Very often you may witness your printing & mailing requirements doubling and quadrupling quickly due to certain statutory and regulatory obligations or business needs. Avon offers superior quality printing & mailing services, and other related requirements in the most cost-effective way.

Printing Infrastructure

  • Nuvera 314 - 314 Pages Per Minute
  • Nuvera 288 - 288 Pages Per Minute
  • Nuvera 157 - 157 Pages Per Minute
  • Nuvera 144 -144 Pages Per Minute
  • Supports a wide range of media including cardstock, coated and uncoated paper, labels and transparencies.
  • Xerox Versant 280 - 280 Pages Per Minute
  • Xerox C70 - 70 Pages Per Minute
  • Canon IRA 8105 - 105 Pages Per Minute
  • Canon IRA 7105 - 105 Pages Per Minute
  • Canon IR 3300 - 33 Pages Per Minute

Automated Stuffing Machine

  • Integrated inserter control technology and productivity reporting.
  • Supports a wide range of formats like Cut sheet/Continuous form, single and multi-stream
  • File Processing System (FPS): 12,000 envelopes per hour
  • Mail Stream Evolution (MSE): 14,000 envelopes per hour

ILC Making Machine

  • Supports different types of folds like Single Fold, Double Parallel Folds, U-type Folds and Z-type Folds.
  • Enables the online folding, gluing and perforation at a time
  • BAUM ILC Making Machine – 15,000 ILC per hour
  • PIM ILC Making Machine – 10,000 ILC Per hour

Finishing Infrastructure

  • Scoring and creasing machine – 800 sheets per hour
  • Sadana Bros Saddle Stitch Machine – 400 books per hour
  • Macrobound Lamination Machine – 1200 Sheets per hour
  • Welbound Binding Machine – 7,500 Books per day
  • PFM Folding Machine – 25,000 Pages per hour

Physical Infrastructure

56,000 Square Feet Exclusive campus

Fire Protection System with Fire Extinguishers and Smoke Detectors and suppression systems

180 KVA Captive Generator and UPS capacity of 60 KVA and 45 KVA

100+ CCTV Camera

Gate and Building Level Security

Exclusive warehouse space for inventory stocking

Security Infrastructure


Proxy Servers

Production Server


Symantec End Point Protection Firewall


Sonic Wall aided applications


VM-Ware for secure resource managements


Intrusion Detection Systems in data Centers


Biometric and Access Control Systems at Department Level


Frequent VAPT Routine


User Level system Hardening


Patch Management


Anti-virus Data Transfers


Data Encryption