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Data Management

Efficient data management practises ensure that information stays secure and is not available for misuse.

One of our core services is in offering secure data handling and management processes. Our systems transfer data from Secure File Servers into our militarized zones. Users do not have access to raw data and can only access encrypted files to process, using a limited front-end tool. Our militarized zones are within Firewalls and our Servers are monitored with various administration tools that create logs for every activity that takes place within our ecosystem. These logs are automatically emailed to Information Systems stakeholders for immediate monitoring and review.

Data Encryption & Processing

Data files are dropped into our SFTP Servers either self-encrypted by the clients or left to be encrypted by Avon. Client encrypted files are moved into processing servers, where they are decrypted, processed and moved directly to our printers. Users only start and end the processing action and do not have access to the data file. Further, data is not stored or handled in the local systems of any of the users. Unencrypted data is first encrypted and then processed in the servers when the user initiates the action. This way, we mitigate user-related risks that’s surround data.

Data Purging

We believe it is our moral responsibility not to hold client data even for a minute more than we need to. Our data purging services are automated and configured as per client needs. Once the client decides the time line to purge, the service is configured and activated. When the timeline is fulfilled, the files will be automatically purged (whether they have been processed or not) and cannot be retrieved. Purging can also be configured as a manual service with the rights of the same provided only to select authorized users.

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