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Every Brand has a story, this is ours! 


A Quick Recap of the Last Two decades

We began at a small garage in 2000 with very small capital investment. When an acquaintance reached out with a small business need, we decided to view it as an opportunity to employ some folks and engage them with small income, survival opportunities. We started stuffing letters in envelopes for one business, infused it with some operational tactics which made the process smooth, efficient and error free. In no time, volumes came pouring in, our scope expanded, and we realized that we needed more than a small garage. And thus, we founded Avon Global Solutions in 2003 as a back-office company for a leading bank.

As Avon progressed rapidly our staff force grew and our proficiency developed and in a very short span, we were able to service a gamut of business needs (from mere stuffing envelopes). We were not only famous for our efficiency and ability to provide a good turn-around time, but also for having a very good track record for committing the least errors. When people heard of us, they began approaching us with such back-office needs and our clientele began to grow rather quickly. And as we onboarded more clients, our teams grew, our campus grew and our appetite grew too.

Very soon, we found our niche in customer communications and we started dwelling on that concept and tried to refine ourselves by introducing technology, automation and multiple forward and backward integrations. Our clients benefited largely from our initiatives and constantly encouraged us to get better and better by the years.

Now with two decades of learnings, acquired expertise and a very committed team, we are happy that a small initiative which was originated to help a few people, has now grown to help more than 500 families via business and employment opportunities. The need to keep expanding and out do ourselves helped us make forays into multiple industries like healthcare, legal, commercial and many digital products. We have not only created our own products, but have also encouraged, supported and incubated multiple start-ups and small companies by partnering with them and being a part of their stories.

Though we have ventured into multiple industries, our ideals remain constant and we are all focussed towards a common objective and stive to achieve perfection in whatever we do and strive towards ONE common goal: To offer end-to-end service to our customers!!


Pondering on whether to credit our commitment level towards our clients, or our client’s profound belief and faith on our abilities; we did manage some achievements which we are very proud to showcase.

  • Awarded the License for hosting a post office within our premises to service our volumes exclusively.

  • Our Infrastructure, which is one of the largest printing and stuffing lines available in the whole of South India.

  • The title “Pioneers” in achieving the highest delivery rate and the lowest return rate, awarded by our esteemed clients.

  • The experience and credibility of servicing multiple government issued jobs and Tenders; namely, BSNL for whom we have serviced 13 circles of Tenders and CDIT which was awarded by the Government of Kerala where we printed 4.5 Crore Ration Card forms and Addendums.

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Team commitment

What makes Avon

United and strong organizations are always backed by an excellent leadership & management team. Avon has a dedicated and committed team who challenge themselves and set higher benchmarks, repeatedly.